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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Step-By-Step Hacking Video

Everyone talks about hacking computers, but have you ever actually SEEN someone do it? Well you're about to. This video will show exactly how a laptop without the proper security protection can be attacked and exploited. In a manner of mere minutes, we 'own' the machine.

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AOL Betrays Google

"Ever since the entire AOL bidding war was resolved, I've been thinking that Time Warner isn't nearly the great Google buddy that the press and investors thought. Today, I think we're seeing confirmation."

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uTorrent 1.4 released

Full changelog here: http://utorrent.com/download/1.4/utorrent-1.4.txt

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DIY Lockpicking device

All you need is a $9 toothbrush and some extra parts, simply genius

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"Music Video" done on an Apple II

This is awesome , that is very good coding on a apple II remember this is not even an apple IIe with 128k this is an apple II with only 48k of ram.
I think the code at end is one of the kewlest things in the video.

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